We offer affordable software solutions tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring innovative designs allowing you to enhance your business and communication processes.

Bespoke Software:

Rochester Solutions has over 30 years’ experience working in the Agri-Feed, Food and Floor industries. We specialise is designing, developing and deploying bespoke software and databases to display and analyse your business critical data.

Rochester Solutions bespoke software and database solutions provide robust, flexible, cost effective solutions that deliver clear benefits to your business. We offer feature rich, user-friendly and graphical driven software solutions, reinforced by our commitment and dedication to our customers and over 30 years’ experience. Our solutions are designed, developed and deployed by our highly-skilled technical team. At Rochester Solutions we are passionate about what we do, we develop easy to use solutions, which in turn will maximise your return on your investment.

When determining the best software solution it can often be very confusing with all the options available on the market. Off the shelf products to bespoke solutions, the reality of the matter is that no matter which approach you decide there will always be positives and negatives. The secret is to make an informed choice so that the route you take will provide the best option for your business, that’s where we can help.

Rochester Solutions understand that no one solution will ever fit all, that’s why our approach is to work with our customers to get a thorough understanding of the issues to be resolved, from both the commercial and technical viewpoint. We can help and advise you on the best approach. Whatever your software requirements, Rochester Solutions will use its vast experience designing, developing and deploying bespoke software solutions which will resolve your business issues whilst being cost effective. Rochester Solutions has developed a product called “RS safe-keeper”, That can be integrated in to commercial clients solutions to Licence their solution and ensure it can’t be copied, therefore protecting your intellectual property.

Here are a few examples of software solutions already in operation.

       • Asset Management Database               • HACCP Database
       • Analytical Quality Control Database      • Job Tracking Database
       • Fleet Management Database                 • Project Management
       • Timesheet Management System            • OEE Analysis Database
       • On-farm formulation Database             • Stock Management Database
       • Plant Maintenance Database                  • Staff Planner Database
Employers Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance